Book Review: Where’s My Other Sock?

Author: Esther LoPresto

Genre: Fantasy

Back Cover: 

Tori never could figure out the cause of her missing socks. But one day, after finishing a load of laundry, she hears voices in the basement discussing the theft of her family’s socks! She knew she had to get to the bottom of the mystery.

After her brother calls her crazy, Tori recruits the help of her friends, Sally and Suzie. Together, they learn of secret alliances and sinister plots taking place literally under their feet. The only way to uncover the truth is to send their faithful pets into an unknown world linked directly to the dryer.

Join author Esther LoPresto as she takes Tori and her friends on a journey to a strange and wondrous place, where they encounter the most unlikely creatures and ultimately answer the question, Where’s My Other Sock?”

My Review:  Have you ever put a pair of socks into the washer… and had only one come out of the dryer? What have you blamed it on? A faulty dryer? A mistake? Alzheimers? This book was written to solve one of the world’s biggest dilemmas – where the socks go. Esther, a personal friend of mine, has spun a lively, whimsical tale full of humor and fresh characters sure to delight any reader from one to ninety-two! Join Tori, Patches, Stripes (my personal favorite character) and a vibrant cast of characters as they look for the answer to the question “Where’s my other sock?”

P.S. Ever since I read the book, whenever I end up with a lopsided pair of socks, my answer is the simple statement – “Tookie took it.”

Age Rating: Any!

Four out of five stars!


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