Title: Gone 

Author: Michael Grant 

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Supernatural/Romance 

Back Cover: “In the blink of an eye, everyone disappears. Everyone except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Gone, too, are the phones, internet, and television. There is no way to get help. Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating, and the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents – unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers – that grow stronger by the day. It’s a terrifying new world, sides are chosen, and war is imminent. The first in a breathtaking saga about teens battling each other and their darkest selves, GONE is a page-turning thriller that will make you look at the world in a whole new way.” 

My Review: This book was GRIPPING!! When a fifty-mile circular impenetrable wall goes up around Perdido Beach and the surrounding area and all of the adults and teens over 15 years old disappear, the teens are left to try and figure out what happens – before they turn fifteen and disappear, too. At first I thought it was going to be about the rapture, but it wasn’t *thank goodness.* Of course, the first book doesn’t tell you what happened, so I’m reading the next two books, HUNGER and LIES to find out!! The romance was very clean (even though – hello, they’re 14- and 15- year-olds??) The violence was done well, and even during the war, where teens are using machine guns, it is not done heartlessly, in a ‘we-do-this-all-the-time’ way. The main character, Sam, sees how wrong this is – but it’s either fight, or be killed. Sam does not really believe in God, but Astrid, the main female character, does. The only thing is, she’s Catholic, so all the prayers she prays are either to the virgin Mary or Michael the Archangel. (*groans*) But she DOES believe in God.Also, naturally, not being a Christian book and stuffed full of teenagers, some crude language is used. Not bad enough to make me put the book down (it’s not usually SWEARING, just words that this family doesn’t use. This was about the only problem I had with the book – but if I bought it, they’d be easy to marker out. I can’t wait to see how this series ends!! 

Age Rating: 15+ 

My Rating:

2 responses to “Gone

  1. Interesting review, religious wise. Apparently the third book Lies does have religious tones in it. Though I’ve not read it myself, I can’t wait to find out.

    The rating is quiet high? Here in the UK it’s 12+

  2. “groan”?! :o OK I just couldn’t let this past once I saw it…she’s Not praying *To* The Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michael If she’s Actually Catholic. If she is Catholic she would be praying to God [i]through[/i] the afore mentioned Saint and Angel. because obviously since they are both in Heaven they are closer to God and the power of their prayers have more effect. That is why she would pray Though them—I know sometimes Catholics say “pray to” but we mean “through” because God alone is worthy of prayer and worship. Asking St Michael, The Mother of God, or any of the saints to pray for your petition is like you asking a friend here on earth to pray for you—-except These friends are a Lot more holy and powerful than anyone on earth before the throne of God.

    I hope you understand a little bit better the Catholic stance on praying.

    Have a great day!

    :-* CM

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