Close Kin and In The Coils of the Snake by Clare B. Dunkle


Author: Clare B. Dunkle 

Book Title: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Book Two: Close Kin 

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Young Adult

Back Cover: “Goblins are just a tale to frighten children.”

Emily might have believed this once, but she knows better now. For years she has been living happily in the underground goblin kingdom. Now Emily is old enough to marry, but when her childhood friend Seylin proposes, she doesn’t take him seriously.

Devastated, Seylin leaves the kingdom, intent on finding his own people: the elves. Too late, Emily realizes what Seylin means to her and sets out in search of him. But her quest, like Seylin’s own journey, is really a plot devised by the cunning goblin King, who has his own reason to hunt for elves. As Emily and Seylin come closer to their goals, they bring two worlds onto a collision course, awakening hatreds and prejudices that have slumbered for hundreds of years.My Review: *squeal* IT WAS AS GOOD AS THE FIRST!!! This is my new favorite series – yes, even over the Lord of the Rings. Read this book!! I read it during the first day of the car trip we just took =) 

Age Rating: 15+ 

Five out of Five Stars!!!! 


Author: Clare B. Dunkle 

Book Title: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy Book Three: In The Coils of the Snake 

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance

Back Cover: Miranda has waited her whole life to come to the goblin kingdom. Now she’s finally underground where she has always wanted to be, but she never imagined she would feel so lost. Her beloved Marak, the center of her world since childhood, has reached the end of his reign.

But Marak didn’t raise a coward. He taught Miranda to be brave, intelligent, and proud—the ideal woman to take her place beside Catspaw, the new goblin King.

Then a mysterious and highly magical elf lord brings his people back to their homeland, reigniting the age-old battle between goblins and elves. Miranda finds herself a prisoner. Caught between the two hostile rulers, she becomes their greatest reason for war—and possibly their only hope for a future

My Review: A STUNNING CONCLUSION to a STUNNING trilogy!! Beautiful, captivating, absolutely wonderful – I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like this book!!! A MUST-read for tears, laughs, and breath-stealing!! I can’t believe the trilogy is over!! She must write more books!!! 

Age Rating: 15+ 

FIVE out of FIVE STARS!!!!!


2 responses to “Close Kin and In The Coils of the Snake by Clare B. Dunkle

  1. So glad you are back! I was missing you and your amusing posts.

    These books sound great! I can always trust you to find interesting books to read.

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