North of Beautiful

Title: North of Beautiful

Author: Justina Headley

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult/Romance

Back Cover: “I drew the black ballpoint pen back and forth, harder and harder, until the nib bit through the thick material of my jeans. I didn’t care if it hurt. I worked on my compass until it bloomed, with thirty-two petal-like arms, each pointing in a different direction. There was no end to the places I wanted to visit. Kashgar or California, it didn’t matter so long as it took me someplace other than here.”

My Review: Great title. Not a bad idea for a book – a girl born with a port-wine ‘stain’ birthmark on her cheek who is in all other respects gorgeous and perfect. But the writing was mediocre, and it only took me a few pages of reading until it got innapropriate. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Age: 16+

Zero out of five stars.

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