Lonestar Homecoming

Title: Lonestar Homecoming

Author: Colleen Coble

Genre: Western/Romance/Adult

Back Cover: Unavailable

My Review: This book was a pleasant book, but not very attention-catching. It was pretty well written (The style reminded me of Frank Peretti – not the storyline or anything, but the way she put things.) Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as good as any of Peretti’s stuff. I didn’t dislike the book, but it wasn’t very easy to stay into the book. It was a romance, but it was Christian so it wasn’t innapropriate, and it wasn’t ‘lust’ oriented like secular Romance books. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a really good book.

Age Rating: 16+

My rating: Two out of Five Stars

2 responses to “Lonestar Homecoming

  1. Yuck! I wish I could find more books that are not “christian” romances! I’m so sick of it! It seems like every book I pick up, shes “falling hopelessly desperatly in love!!!!!!!AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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