Author: Cornelia Funke 

Title: Inkspell 

Series: The Inkworld Trilogy 

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Young Adult 

Back Cover: “A year has passed, but not a day goes by without Meggie thinking Inkheart, the book whose characters came to life. For the fire-eater Dustfinger, the need to return to his tale has become desperate. When he finds a crooked storyteller to read him back, he abandones his apprentice Farid and plunges into the pages.  Before long, Farid and Meggie are caught inside the book, too. But the story is much changed – and threatening to change tragically.” 

My Review: OH. MY. GOODNESS. I didn’t think it could get any better than Inkheart – I was wrong. Inkspell was TWICE as good as Inkheart, which is absolutely amazing because Inkheart was my favorite book!! I LOVE this book!! (If you were looking at me, I would be SCREAMING this!!) Dustfinger (I LOVE Dustfinger – my favorite character. The best ever created!!!) is absolutely, heart-wrenchingly WONDERFUL in this next installment of the Inkworld trilogy!! In it he grows, sheds his selfishness, overcomes his fear of death, and gives the ultimate sacrifice to save someone he loves dearly. The end is a cliffhanger, so I warn you – when I finished the book, I screamed, threw it across the room, punched my pillows, and tore downstairs to order Inkdeath from the Library. If you haven’t read this – YOU HAVE GOT TO!! If you haven’t experienced the thrill of the Inkworld, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! There was nothing negative about this book aside from the language – there is a romance between Farid and Meggie, which is a little silly seeing as how she’s not even fourteen and he’s 15-16. But I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the lack of gods, goddesses, witches, wizards, etc. the Inkworld contains. Plunge into the pages – I dare you. 

Ages: 13+ 

My Rating: ONE HUNDRED out of five stars!!!

8 responses to “Inkspell

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  2. Okay, seeing as the rating is 100 out of 5 stars, I guess I am going to have to read this series. You crack me up, Earwen.

  3. You will hate Farid by the end of the series. I absolutely promise you. You will think he is a despicable character who ought to be tied to the back of a wagon and trampled throughout Inkworld.

    Okay, maybe not that bad. But you will dislike him.

  4. Wasn’t this an addictive treat to read? I wanted to curl up in the pages and breathe it all in. Wonderful story and wonderful writing! I completely agree with your rating of 100 stars :)

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