Title: Inkdeath

Author: Cornelia Funke

Series: The last in the Inkworld trilogy

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance

Back Cover: “Go back and rid the world of that book. Fill it with words before spring comes, or winter will never end for you. And I will take not only your life for the Adderhead’s, but your daughter’s, too, because she helped you bind the book. Do you understand, Bluejay?”  “Why two?” Moe asked hoarsely. “How can you ask two lives in return for one?”

My Review: *bursts into sobs* THE END!! This was the LAST BOOK!! The Inkworld is NO MORE!! Aside from the fact that I’m devastated, though, THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!! Dustfinger came back and was BETTER THAN EVER!! He and the Black Prince are my favorite characters out of the series, and the glass men as they are rather comical. This book was WONDERFUL! I did not despise Farid, as many said I would. I didn’t particularly like him, but I never hated him. Or Meggie. But they paled in comparison to the amazing Dustfinger and Black Prince, and the amazing storyline and writing style. This book was STUNNING, just like the review on the back of the book said. I can’t wait to own it!! Aside from the language and Orpheus’ handling of his maids, there was nothing I didn’t like about this book.

Age: 16+

Rating: 100 out of 5 stars!!

2 responses to “Inkdeath

  1. Earwen!!!! what happened to your blog “thoughts of a shield-maiden”?!?! :o :o :o :( :( :( :(

    :-* CM

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