Author: Stephen R. Lawhead 

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Adult/Historical 

Series: The King Raven trilogy, Book 2 

Back Cover: (not available) 

My Review: Rhi Bran and the Grellon struggle to regain his kingdom of Elfael, while forester and faithful friend of Rhi Bran William Scatlocke, also known as Scarlet, is in prison and going to be hung. I liked this one even better than Hood, because Will is usually my favorite Robin Hood character and his sense of humor is GREAT in this book. I mean, GREAT. I laughed aloud when he said that a monk must have ‘gotten up on the wrong side of his Hail Marys that morning.” (NO offense to Catholics at ALL intended here). I would DEFINITELY recommend this book!! 

Age: 16+ 

5 out of 5 stars

2 responses to “Scarlet

  1. I laughed at that too!!!! sooo funny!!! ;D ;D and I am a Catholic so I think you’re good. ;D ;D

    :-* CM

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