The Maze Runner


Author: James Dashner 

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult/Thriller 

Series: The Maze Runner Trilogy, book 1 

Back Cover: (Not available) 

My Review: “He began his new life by standing up, surrounded by cold and darkness and stale, dusty air.” Wow, this book was a thriller! It kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed) until I finished it. And the worst part is – I didn’t know it was a series. It ended in an AMAZING CLIFFHANGER and I beat my pillow up (to the confusion of my sister). Think “Gone” mixed with “Incarceron” and you’ve got The Maze Runner – except this is totally worth reading. There is a lot of language in it – but it isn’t ‘swear’ language. The kids in the Maze make up words – “Klunk” and “Shuck,” which are used frequently, but God’s name is never taken in vain. There probably only about five genuine swear words in the whole book. Several uses of “Bloody” are in there as well, but I say that. =) Great book. 

Age Rating: 15+ 

4 out of 5 stars 


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