Author: Michael Grant 

Series: The GONE series 

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Adventure/Young Adult 

Back Cover: (unavailable) 

My Review: Well, I only got a few chapters into this one. I was excited about it because I liked Gone so much, but sadly… this one was just waaay too dark and weird. It was the sort of book that you felt dirty reading it, even though the content wasn’t ‘dirty.’ I wouldn’t recommend it – and so I wouldn’t recommend GONE, either, because it will make you want to read the second one. 

Age Rating: 16+ 

0 out of 5 stars

2 responses to “Hunger

  1. I was wondering about this series…
    Because you said you liked “Gone,” I looked for it when I was at the bookstore. I stood there and read through the first chapter very quickly and my first impression was: “This is intriguing, but I bet it goes downhill.” So in the back was an excerpt of “Hunger” and… I didn’t even finish the excerpt. I just had a sense that it was probably a modernized “Lord of the Flies” *shudder* (I hated that book) with allusions to cannibalism, and put it down and decided to pass on it.
    Now that you say all this, I’m glad I did!

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