Happily Ever Laughter


Author: Ken Davis 

Genre: Non-fiction/humor/religious/adult 

Back Cover: “Happily Ever Laughter captures real-life stories from couples—stories chosen for their humor, variety of settings, and diversity of years married. As readers laugh along with each couple described, they will begin to understand that being able to see the humor in life helps greatly in keeping one’s marriage happy and healthy through the years. Includes stories from Chonda Pierce, Bob Stromberg, Daren Streblow, Kendra Smiley, Jeff Allen, John Branyan, Rhonda Rhea, David Dean, Dave Veerman, and Neil Wilson.”   

My Review: This book was very, very cute. I’m not married, so I’m sure it didn’t have quite the same meaning for me as it would for married couples, but I still enjoyed it. And is that cover not adorable?
Age: 15+
2 out of 5 stars
Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for the copy I received

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