The Paradise War


Author: Stephen R. Lawhead 

Series: The Song of Albion trilogy 

Genre: Fantasy/Adult/Fiction/Allegorical 

Back Cover: “From the dreaming spires of Oxford, Lewis Gillies drives north to seek a mythical creature in a misty glen in Scotland. Expecting little more than a weekend diversion, Lewis finds himself in a mystical place where two worlds meet, in the time-between-times—and in the heart of a battle between good and evil.

The ancient Celts admitted no separation between this world and the Otherworld: the two were delicately interwoven, each dependent on the other. The Paradise War crosses the thin places between this world and that, as Lewis Gillies comes face-to-face with an ancient mystery—and a cosmic catastrophe in the making.” 

My Review: Wow! If possible, I liked this almost better than the King Raven trilogy! The dry British humor woven throughout it made me giggle a lot, and the fantasy and Celtic elements are absolutely brilliant. This book is good for all ages 16+ (Well, almost all ages anyway. I love it, my thirtysomething brother-in-law loves it, and my I’m-not-telling-’cause-I-know-what’s-good-for-me year old Mother loves it =) *dodges slap* Just kidding!!! But yes, they all love it =) 

Ages: 16+ 

Five out of Five stars


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