Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

Series: The King Raven trilogy

Genre: Adult/fiction/fantasy/historical

Back Cover: “The story of Rhi Bran y Hud concludes as Abbot Hugo and the Norman invaders attempt to wipe out King Raven and his flock once and for all. Their merciless attack, the first of many to come, heralds a dark and desperate day for the realm of Elfael. Bran and his few stalwarts desperately need encouragement and reinforcement if they are to survive. Bran and Friar Tuck, a most unconventional priest, ride north to rally the tribes of Wales to the fight, making new friends, and even more powerful enemies along the way . . . .

  The final instalment of the completely re-imagined epic of the man known as Robin  Hood-told in a far more eerie, earthy, and elemental way than ever before.”

My Review: *blush* I thought I posted the review on this after I fnished it a couple weeks ago…

…apparently, I did not. I’m so sorry! It was better than even Hood and Scarlet!  Impossible, right? Not so! This combined Rhi Bran’s genius, Allan-a-Dale’s humor, (he’s HILARIOUS, had me laughing from the time he showed up to the end of the book – “Oh, I speak like a beggar” “Oh, I speak like a nobleman” “Oh, I speak Ffreinc” “Oh, I speak Saxon” “Oh, I’m a minstrel!”) to Will Scarlet, Noin, and Nin. This was the BEST book of the series and concludes the trilogy BEAUTIFULLY!! It totally changed the way I viewed Robin Hood!!! Thank you, Stephen Lawhead! Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, I love poetic justice. LOVE it. (As long as it doesn’t happen to ME, but that’s another story…) but let me tell you, when Will gives the Sheriff his just desserts I was literally cheering!!!

Age: 16+

Ten out of Five Stars!!!

3 responses to “Tuck

  1. I’m reading Hood right now:)
    So, do you prefer this Robin Hood, or the BBC tv show? I’m obsessed with the show, so I have a feeling I’ll always be partial to that…

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