The Books of Bayern

Author: Shannon Hale

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance

Series: The Books of Bayern

WARNING: If you read these, just know that half of your time will be spent gazing adoringly at the amazing cover art.

I first read this about three years ago. It was the first book that seriously made me cry. It was AMAZING! I have always been a huge fairy-tale lover, and this exceeded any expectations I had. Isi is a lot like me (the only other fictional heroine I am almost exactly like is Kate from the Hollow Hill series!)  There are no profanities, and the romance is very clean. This is a FANTASTIC book – no black/white magic struggles. The only thing that could be counted as ‘magic’ is the fact that Isi can speak to some animals and the wind.

 Enna has a burning desire to… well, burn. Ever since she learned how it has been welling up inside her – she knows she can, and she’s done it before – but can she control it?  WHOO! The second book in the Books of Bayern. WOW. This one was FANTASTIC – maybe even a little better than The Goose Girl! Objectionable Content:  while Enna is a captive and wrapped in nothing but a blanket, one of the guards threatens her. But he is consequently knocked down by someone else. =)

Ah, Razo. He’s short, he’s spunky, he’s smart-mouthed… but is he special? He doesn’t think so. But when he goes to Tiran, accompanying the Bayern ambassador, he meets Dasha – a noble Tiran girl who struggles with her gift of water. The two try to untangle a mystery – who has been burning? Objectionable Content:  A girl tries to seduce Razo. But nothing happens.

Rin. Quiet Rin, helper Rin. Rin is always in someone else’s shadow – never noticed, only called on to watch children or do chores. She only feels at home, in the forest, with the trees. When her brother convinces her to take a plunge and go with him to the city, she accepts – and finds herself flung into an adventure along with the ‘fire sisters’ – Isi, Enna, and Dasha. But can she find her place among them?

Objectionable Content: One of the memories that haunts her for reasons that are explained in the book, is when she made a boy kiss her. (It’s explained).

I LOVE this series!! Shannon Hale is one of my all-time favorite authors, weaving clean, language-and-sexual-content-free, magical, romantic, thrilling adventures on her author’s loom. Three cheers for Shannon Hale!

100 out of 5 stars

Ages 15+


7 responses to “The Books of Bayern

  1. I LOOOOVVVEEEEE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best! The Goose Girl and River Secrets are my favorites. Cannot get enough of them… who are your favorite characters? I love {almost} all of them but I think Finn and Dasha are two of the best:)

  2. I loved The Goose Girl, but I have yet to read the other Books of Bayern. Shannon Hale is AMAZING! Her writing style is somewhat like mine (though I don’t write romance), and I, too, could really relate to Isi / Ani.

    And I love Princess Academy… And Rapunzel’s Revenge! You have to read that if you haven’t yet. It’s HILARIOUS.

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