Author: Scott Westerfeld

Genre: Science Fiction/Young Adult

Series: The Uglies series

Tally Youngblood is close to her sixteenth birthday. On that day, she will undergo the procedure that will turn her from an Ugly into a Pretty, and will become popular and get to enjoy the luxuries of being a Pretty. But her friend, Shay, isn’t sure she wants to be a Pretty and runs away. Tally is forced to make a choice – give Shay up to the authorities… or face being Ugly for life.

This book was a huge deal – I heard about the ‘Uglies’ series everywhere. So finally I thought “Well, might as well read it” after I read Leviathan.

It was actually surprisingly good. It was fast-paced, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. The only thing I did NOT like was the fact that Scott Westerfeld, who is an Evolutionist, promotes evolution several times very subtly in this book. Also, it’s semi anti-adult – I guess it could be called ‘kids are right, grown-ups are wrong’ but only to a mild extent. There are about three instances of swearing in the book, and it is clean of sexual content (some non-graphic kisses).

I liked it, enough to order “Pretties”, the second book in the series to see how it goes. You never know – sometimes they go downhill. So I’ll be reviewing Pretties after I read it.

Age: 15+

3.5 out of 5 stars

2 responses to “Uglies

  1. I always appreciate a good book review to point me in the direction of the next book to check out :) I haven’t heard about this one…so many interesting books out there I could get lost in a book store for hours….

  2. I didn’t read uglies but I did read Pretties and Specials and both seem to continue the way this one does. Fast paced, a few weak moments in the story telling and a few shout-outs to evolution and adaptation while adults continue to be seen as the ones in the wrong. That said, I enjoyed these books.
    Thanks for your thoughts on Uglies.

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