Cor Mariae –

About the Princess and the Hound – I liked the fact that the animal magic was the ability to communicate with animals and that there were no ‘black-and-white’ magic problems (often, where black magic is involved, even if it IS the bad guys’, the book gets too dark). I am flatttered you bought it after my recommendation – I’ll do my best to make more detailed reviews without spoiling it! Thanks for the heads up!

And as for Through the Looking Glass – I KNOW! Hatter Madigan is SO cool. Definitely a new favorite character! I loved the top hat – boomerang blade idea!!! And yes, I am, as a matter of fact, reading Seeing Redd right now! The review will be up soon!

And of course, with the Catholic praying – I am sure we could debate for long hours on that *grins* since I’m more of a Protestant.

I want you to know I really appreciate your support of this blog. Thanks a ton!


One response to “Cor Mariae –

  1. nice—a prompt reply-er! I like that. ;D

    yes that’s exactly what I love about reading your reviews—well one of the things, heehee! ;D—no major spoilers but telling enough to get my curiosity up. :P ;D ;D and I totally agree about black and white magic—btw did it strike you that the black and white imagination in the looking glass wars was Really similar to black and white Magic? that was pretty much the only thing that bothered me about the book… ;D

    ah Hatter—I really want to see exactly How all his weaponry works so I’m getting a graphic novel about what happened to him while searching for Alyss—I hope it’s as awesome as he is!! (though I don’t see how that would be possible… ;D ;D )

    oh yes long hour debating—-definitely possible as I’ve learned from my quite a few non-Catholic friends. ;D

    aww that’s sweet of you. really though I thank you for being a wonderfully steady, interesting and hilarious blogger! :) shall we have three cheers Earwen? we shall. *three cheers* ;D ;D

    :-* CM

    PS you might not want to leave out the “a” in my name—results are incorrect latin. ;D ;D don’t feel bad though! :)

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