Seeing Redd


Author: Frank Beddor 

Series: The Looking Glass Wars 

Genre: Young Adult/Adventure/Fantasy/Fiction 

Princess Alyss is back – now as Queen. Unfortunately, so is her aunt Redd – along with assassin The Cat. And Jack of Diamonds. And King Arch. And they’re all plotting to overtake Wonderland. 

Alyss’s friends – Bibwit Harte, Hatter Madigan, Homburg Molly, Doge, and General Dopplegänger are all back, ready to help her defeat her enemies. But one enemy they cannot defeat – the reader! 

I shut the book about halfway through. I was disappointed – the first book was so good! But the cover of the second book gave me forebodings, and they came true. Redd’s use of Black Imagination became very dark – and so did her friends. I decided not to finish it.  It was just too dark – even if it WAS the bad guys using it. Also, it seemed sometimes to border on the ridiculous, and I was thinking that it was sometimes just too silly anyway. 

Ages: 16+ 

1 out of 5 stars


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