The Penderwicks


Author: Jeanne Birdsall 

Genre: Children/Humor/Fiction/Adventure/Family 

Okay, first, a story about a story. My sister bought this book from Barnes and Noble about a month ago. I said “That looks cute,” and she said “I know!” and read it. 

Thanks to her, I got to hear about half of it out loud – she kept giggling and laughing and reading whole pages aloud to me until I said “That’s IT! I have to read it after you!” 

So I did. 

I was giggling and laughing just as much – if not more than – my sister! This book is squeaky-clean, absolutely adorable, and HILARIOUS!!! I recommend it for anyone from five to five hundred. It will absolutely make your day!! It’s so great – no need to be on the lookout for violent or sexual content or bad language – it’s just a completely fresh, new, funny, charming, timeless book. I really encourage you to get it and read it – it is destined to become a classic! I want it in hardback! 

Ages: Any 

100 out of 5 stars


5 responses to “The Penderwicks

  1. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! Sooo cute!! The Penderwicks are awesome! And so refreshing like you said to not have to be on the lookout for the bad stuff:)

  2. I absolutely love it too! There’s a second one, but I haven’t been able to get it from the library yet :-(


  3. I’ve been wanting to read this book for some time now! It looks great! My thought when I saw it was that it sounds a bit like a modern “Gone-Away Lake,” though I don’t know if it’s like it at all or not.

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