Author: Scott Westerfeld 

Series: Uglies 

Genre: Adventure/Sci-fi/Young Adult 

Tally Youngblood is no longer an Ugly – she has become a Pretty. And she has forgotten everything about the Smoke. 

But when she and her pretty friend Zane fine two pills that are the cure for the brain lesions placed in Pretties’ heads by the Specials in order to make them complacent and thoughtless, things take a turn for the worse. The pills work, curing them of their emptyheadedness, and they hatch a plan to escape back to the Smoke and take as many Pretties as they can with them. 

This book was GREAT! I really enjoyed it – it was hard to put down! Scott Westerfeld is a really good author. The positive elements are a lot – loyalty, deciding to do what is right, making the right choices. 

But there are also a few negative elements you should know about. 

Number one – there is a *lot* of kissing, mainly in the first half of the book. It’s not graphic, but still, it’s like “Okay, could you cut it out already!?” 

Number two – it is mentioned that Tally has been sleeping with Zane for a month. Now there is no sex in the book – but mentioning it was annoying and  unnecessary. 

Number three – the Rusties – us – who nearly destroyed the earth two hundred years previous to Uglies – had problems. We relied on gas to take us everywhere. We cut down trees. We polluted the earth. And hey, we even overpopulated the earth! (Physically impossible, by the way, as you could fit everyone in the world in the state of Texas…) So goodness me, we Rusties really are environmentally irresponsible! What do we have to look forward to in two hundred years? MANY less people – as in, less than 10,000 at a time – and being tricked by the authorities who do everything ‘for our own protection’ and run every inch of our lives and indoctrinate us with pretty knowledge. 

Number four – Evolution was again, subtly pushed in this book. Very annoying, and rather ironic since several pages of the book are devoted to explaining how complex the human brain and body is. 

Number five – It is said that Rusties – us – foolishly worshiped “Invisible superheroes in the sky.” Not a great dig for Christians. For a few chapters of the book, Tally stays with a very primitive group of people who think she is a ‘god’ – as they refer to everyone ‘pretty’ (they don’t see many Pretties). So there’s a lot of that. Of course, Tally doesn’t believe in gods/goddesses… but there’s still that whole scenario. 

Now, like I said – this book was exciting, fast-paced, humorous, and really well-written. And there were only about three swear words in the whole thing. And no sex. But if you want to read it, it would be wise to have your biblical world view working properly before doing so. 

Ages 16+ 

4 out of 5 stars


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