The Phantom of the Opera

Author: Gaston LeRoux

Genre: Romance/Mystery/Murder/Adult

A macabre tale of romance, horror, passion, love, and murder, the Phantom of the Opera follows the love triangle of young and beautiful opera singer Christine, the mysterious Erik, known as the Phantom of the Opera who loves her and teaches her the ‘music of the night,’ and the Viscount Raoul de Chagny, who also loves Christine.

  “What happens next!? What happens next!? What happens next!?” That’s what you think the entire time reading this book. That, and “WOW, this is good!”  This book was simply fantastic. The imagery was beautiful – amazingly written, highly detailed, well-plotted, great characters – the Phantom of the Opera is a macabre love story that will stay with you. You won’t be likely to forget the sympathetic, love-tortured Erik or the heroic, passionate Raoul, or the innocent beauty Christine and her voice of an angel.

Age: 16+

5 out of 5 stars!!


One response to “The Phantom of the Opera

  1. I have a suggestion for a series…okay so I guess they’re an easy read. But I think you should check out the Warrior series. It’s about wild cat clans. :-)


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