An Earthly Knight


Author: Janet McNoughton 

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance 

After Isabel, the eldest daughter of the family, is dishonoured through a broken engagement of sorts, Lady Jeanette must find a rich match to make up for her sister’s disgrace. But what happens when she meets Tam Lin, a young man said to have lived with the Faerie, shows up and threatens to ruin Jeanette’s betrothal to the wealthy but immoral Earl William? 

This book was quite fun, for a long time. It was well-written, enjoyable, imaginative but with historic accuracy woven throughout. BUT! 

Ah yes, there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there? 

‘But’ number one – feminist overtones. Not blatant, but enough to be slightly annoying. 

And now for the biggie. 

Lady Jeanette and Tam Lin sleep together out of wedlock. And Jeanette ends up with Tam’s child. It is not graphically done, and it is very short, but it really disappointed me. The book works itself out – Jeanette marries Tam Lin. 

Positive elements: Jeanette dearly loves her sister Isabel, and is often the peacemaker  between her father and her sister. Her father loves both of his girls, although he is angry at them both in turns, and they with him. Jeanette loves her unborn child fiercely and would be willing to sacrifice even herself in order for him to live. Also, Tam Lin and Jeanette really do love each other – they are both willing to die for the other. Jeanette struggles with trying to behave as befitting a noblewoman, but feels guilty and horrible after mistreating a servant. She later begs his forgiveness, and he does forgive her. Jeanette has a kind heart and tries to treat others as well as she can, going out of her way to see that they are comfortable and happy. 

So, all in all, it was a good book with a few disappointing parts. 

Age: 16+ 

3 out of 5 stars


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