Author: Scott Westerfeld

Series: The Uglies Series, book #3

Genre: Adventure/Young Adult/Science Fiction/Fiction/Romance

Tally Youngblood has gone through being an Ugly, to being a Pretty, and now, to being a Special. She has become cruel, inhuman, and inhumanly dangerous. But a part of her still remembers her old friends, the Smoke, and what life was like before her transformation. When she and Shay unknowingly start a war, which side will she choose to be on?

This book was fun – just as fun as Uglies and Pretties. However, just like its predecessors, there are many problems with the series. It pushes environmentalism – which, really, nothing is wrong with, until you take it over the edge. Taking care of the world is good – putting it above human life is not. It also pushes evolution. It is anti-gun. Anti-war. Anti-overpopulation (an impossible theory).

At the beginning of the book, acting as spies, Shay dances somewhat sensuously with a boy before the scene cuts away. There are a few kisses, one of which Tally puts her hands inside a boy’s shirt, and a few scattered swear words.

This series is full of fun, excitement, adventure, and propaganda. Just be sure when you read it that you read it with your eyes open.

This is one series that you can’t just read mindlessly.

Ages: 16+

3.5 out of 5 stars

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