The Princess and the Bear


Author: Mette Ivie Harrison 

Series: “The Princess and…” book #2 

Genre: Fairy tale/Romance/Young Adult/Fiction/Adventure 

She was a hound, who was turned into a princess, who was turned into a hound again, and who is now back to being a human. He was a king, who was turned into a bear, and is now a man again – and in love with Chala, the hound/woman. 

This sequel to the Princess and the Hound was disappointing. 

Number one: It was just plain boring.  

Number two: The magic became very spirit-oriented, including a wolf giving his ‘magic’ and bringing another person back to life!? Hello?? 

Number three: Climaxes are not Mrs. Harrison’s strong point. Every time something exciting is supposed to happen, it’s an anticlimax. You sit there going “Okay, the whole point of the book’s story was that section, right there – so why do I feel like yawning?” 

Also, this one had a few more ‘iffy’ moments. The Royal Steward orders ten women to go the soldiers’ camps at night to provide ‘companionship.’ King Richon, as a bear, longs for a woman’s touch in a rather Barbossa-ish manner, and remembers when he could enjoy such things. 

I know all this sounds harsh. But this is one book that really wasn’t worth the read. And I didn’t bother finishing it.

Ages: 16+ 

1 out of 5 stars


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