Just Jane


Author: Nancy Moser 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Adult/Romance/Christian 

Jane Austen was born to write. When she writes, her characters come alive – Elinor and Marianne and Elizabeth and Catherine – but there is one problem. Elinor has Edward. Marianne has Colonel Brandon. Elizabeth has Mr. Darcy. Catherine has Henry Tilney. 

But Jane has no one. 

This book is a fictional biography, per se – it recalls true events and true relations and political happenings from Jane Austen’s life, whilst giving it new life and a new story from the perspective of Jane Austen herself. 

This first caught my eye because of the cover, which I adored. My older sister started reading it, and found it very boring.  I started reading it, and, while it was very slloowww, I connected with Jane because she was an author, and I could relate to her. The main focus of this book is not romance, no matter what the genre is – the main focus is Jane’s life. Her family, her writing – her love interests are not large parts of the book. 

All in all, it was very enjoyable, with not even a hint of anything inappropriate, no swearing, and a Christian perspective (for Jane was, as you know, a Christian). 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take a break from thrillers and read something relaxing – or for people who like slow books. Or for people who are authors. 

Or anybody. 

Age Rating: 16+ 

3.5 out of 5 stars


2 responses to “Just Jane

  1. Interesting! Great review too! I love your ability to convey your thoughts and opinions about books. You do it SO well! You inspire me to improve my reviews.

    I am going to put this book on my amazon wishlist.

    Hey, I am very curious to know your opinion on the Auralia’s Thread series. Just a thought. I don’t know if you do that sort of thing.

  2. Thanks for the review! I tried reading Mozart’s Sister, which is also by Nancy Moser, but I didn’t really like it, so I’m probably not going to finish it. I might try reading this one, though.

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