Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo


Author: Obert Skye 

Series: The Leven Thumps series (or Foo series…) book #1 

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction 

Leven Thumps is an ordinary boy. Aside from the white streak in his hair. And the fact that he has a sycophant named Clover and a tree who is actually a transformed lithen watching over him since birth. And the fact that he has the gift of seeing the future. And shooting lighting. 

But enough about that. 

I had read the second book, Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret, out of turn, and so you are getting this review AFTER the first. 

It was an incredibly fun book. 

While Sabine, the villain, and his ‘shadows’ are dark characters, they are not threatening enough to be creepy. The characters are loyal, humorous, and lighthearted, just like the book. 

Sabine has taken Geth’s heart and soul and put it into a seed (which grew into a tree, that turns into a toothpick, and… well, I’d spoil the second book if I told you). But there is nothing… creepy-demonic-possessive about it. The process is never mentioned or anything – it seems to be put in there more for humor than anything else. Just a warning. 

The series is refreshingly free of sexual content and language. 

There are a few things that tick me off about the series, though (no series is perfect, after all!) 

God is never mentioned where he is supposed to be – the author takes phrases like “With God all things are possible” and changes them to “In time all things are possible” and puts “Fate” in God’s place. Fate is mentioned LOTS in here – it takes the place of Providence. 

So while there are no false gods or anything like that in the series, it is not an accident that Fate has replaced God in the series. 

But all together, it was a fun, lighthearted read despite the covers that are reminiscent of Harry Potter. And Obert Skye continues to demonstrate a fantastic imagination and sense of humor. 

Ages: 14+ 

4 out of 5 stars

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