Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want


Author: Obert Skye 

Series: Leven Thumps book #3 

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Young Adult 

Leven, Clover, Geth, and Winter are all back, and without a problem in Foo! 

Unless you call having to go to the island of Lith and find the Want, whose loyalties are unclear. And unless you count the fact that the Dearth, an evil being underneath Foo, is awakening and is in a horrid mood. Or the fact that Geth is still shrinking. Or the fact that doubt walks everywhere, threatening loyalties and friendships. Or the fact that Tim Tuttle is now a bad guy, Sabine has meshed with Dennis, and Ezra has nothing to cackle wickedly about. 

Other than that, everything’s A-OK! 

This book was, as its predecessors, hilarious (let’s just say that they’re all going to have a Harry Potter-ish cover. But you know what they say about books and covers). The humor is brilliant – humor is what binds the book together. The imagination is astounding, and the lessons taught – loyalty, the fact that your life CAN change, and friendship are all strong in this series. 

But, as with every series, there are a few things that we must take into consideration. 

Fate. Yes. It still takes the place of God. 

There is much talk of ‘souls’ in the series, but in this book especially – people/creatures who have been evil during their lifetime sink into the soil, and Dearth, the wicked being underneath, soaks up their evilness. People/creatures who were noble in life are ‘lifted up,’ in the Want’s words. 

But it is still language-and-sexual-content free, which is SUCH a relief! The most sexual this book ever gets is when Winter hugs Geth (and stops, because two nits are “Awwww”-ing in the background). 

Without all the humor and lightheartedness the characters show, the book would be dark. But Obert Skye provides just the right amount of balance between the two, and with unsuspecting plot twists, this book is great fun to read! 

Ages: 15+ 

4 out of 5 stars


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