Beyond the Reflection’s Edge

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction/Adventure

Nathan Shepherd has a prodigy for a mother, a scientist for a father, and an amazing future ahead of him.

That is, until his parents are murdered by a psychopathic man named Mictar, who happens to be from another dimension.

Nathan discovers that lights, music, and mirrors can open portals to two other dimensions – from which people’s other-dimensional selves have different characters and intents. But the cosmos is wavering in the balance – and Nathan is the only one with the knowledge to stop the Interfinity…

If he can put the clues together in time.

This series was exciting and fast-paced, with plenty of good morals and Christian themes. The characters were great and realistic, and the idea was mind-boggling.

I got confused – three dimensions – Earth Blue, Earth Yellow, and Earth Red – along with an “Earth Red Nathan” an “Earth Blue Kelly” an “Earth Yellow Daryl” etc. etc. – had my mind doing overtime. It’s a very confusing book, but that did not stop me from finishing it.

Taking Focus on the Family’s review of this book, they put the sexual situations in it very well –

Although Nathan is careful to keep his mind and body pure, there are moments of obvious sexual tension between him and Kelly where he must refocus his thoughts. Kelly hasn’t gone the way of the world regarding modesty, language and jokes. Both of her parents, not yet divorced from each other, sleep around. Nathan recalls (in a lengthy paragraph) his father’s urging for him to remain pure so he and his future bride will not be haunted by regret.

This book was really good – I”m a huge “Dragons in our Midst” fan and once Bryan Davis even commented on my blog (in which case I squealed like a schoolgirl – ha ha) so this was an exciting series to venture in to. I can’t wait to read the next one!

Ages: 16+

4.5 out of 5 stars


3 responses to “Beyond the Reflection’s Edge

  1. I’m already in love with the cover art!

    I want to read the Dragons in Our Midst series. Bryan Davis actually had a writing seminar near me recently, but I couldn’t go:(. Next time he comes this way (gee I sound western) I’m there!:)

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