More Minds

(No Cover Art Available)

Author: Carol Matas

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Young Adult

A giant is ravaging the northern lands – and Princess Lenora is going to do something about it, whether everybody likes it or not. So she creates a double of herself to stay at the castle while SHE goes off to get rid of the giant – except the new Princess Lenora is very unlike the real one. And her fiance, Prince Coren, knows something is wrong when Princess Lenora becomes more interested in wedding invitations and dresses and makeup then in being stubborn and having adventures.

This book was several things – 1.) Hilarious. It had me – and then my sister – giggling the whole way through. 3.) It was imaginative – and the main character, Princess Lenora, learns her lesson… for now. 3.) It was clean, which was wonderful!

There were a few things to look out for – ‘The Balance,’ which keeps the world in check, is always mentioned reverently (except for by Princess Lenora and several other characters) in phrases such as ‘Praise the Balance!’ Also, through a long series of events, Princess Lenora is described as ‘divine’ twice (it’s confusing, but nothing comes of it).

This was a quick read – I read it in about two hours, one afternoon. I would recommend it for anyone who wants some lighthearted, clean, mindbending fantasy.

Ages: 12+

4 out of 5 stars

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