The Thief Lord

When their parents die and their less-than-desireable Aunt and Uncle decide to adopt Bo, his older brother Prosper takes him away to Venice, a place their mother told them fantastic tales about. But when they get there, they find that life is not as easy as they had thought. They are taken in by a boy who calls himself The Thief Lord, along with his small gang of pickpockets, swindlers, and, of course, thieves. Meanwhile, soft-hearted detective Vincent is on the boy’s trail, and The Thief Lord has a few secrets of his own.

This book was fantastic! I’m a huge fan of Cornelia Funke, and this book lived up to my expectations! It was funny, imaginative, brilliant, and well-written, with a magical fantasy twist that brought the book together. The only downside is some language scattered throughout, but it is not much.

I would recommend this book to anyone desiring a good, magical read without inappropriate content to watch out for.

Ages: 12+

5 ouf ot 5 stars

3 responses to “The Thief Lord

  1. Hi! Just wanted to request a review: The Legend of the Emerald Rose by Linda Wichman.

    I really enjoy your blog; nearly all of my favorite books are the ones that you have suggested! Keep ’em coming!


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