Eternity’s Edge


Author: Bryan Davis 

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Christian/Adventure 

Nathan, Kelly, Daryl, Francesca, Solomon, Clara, Dr. Gordon, Dr. Simon, Gunther, Mictar, and Patar are back – with a host of new characters. Amber, Scarlet, Cerulean, as well as other Stalkers – not to mention Nathan, Kelly, Daryl, Francesca, Clara, Solomon, Dr. Gordon, Dr. Simon, and Gunther’s Blue and Yellow-world counterparts. As Nathan and his friends struggle to stop Interfinity, which would destroy the Dreamworld and cause a cosmic catastrophe, Patar and his Stalkers try to gain enough energy to ignite the Lucifer Engine and begin Interfinity. As Nathan struggles to make the right decisions and rely on God, many problems arise – can he rescue his supplicant, Scarlet, from the hands of the Stalkers? Can Patar save them from his evil brother, Mictar? Will they get everyone in their respective alternate universes in time? 

This series is FANTASTIC – but very confusing. I had enough trouble writing the blurb above! This Christian, speculative-fiction young-adult trilogy from one of my favorite authors is amazing. I absolutely love it. When I first read “Beyond The Reflection’s Edge,” the first book in this trilogy, I was hooked. Therefore, when I heard that the next two in the trilogy were in at the library, I was very excited and got to work on devouring them right away! 

There are no ‘negative elements’ – it is squeaky clean! However, because of some sexual tension between Nathan, who was taught to save his purity – even his first kiss – for his wedding, Kelly is no longer a virgin, and regrets it. But she has promised to wait for him, and he for her – if they can survive long enough. Violence instigated by the evil Mictar continues in this book, which would cause it to be disturbing for younger readers. This is one series I would love to own – after Dragons in Our Midst and the Oracles of Fire, that is! 

Ages: 16+ 

5 out of 5 stars!


3 responses to “Eternity’s Edge

  1. Thanks for running this excellent blog; I can always turn to it for a good read. :)

    I have a book recommendation, for whenever you have the time: Storyteller by Edward Myers. It was unusual and heartwarming and interesting. Meliked it, and perhaps you might as well. :)

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