For Whispe!

Whispe – thank you for your book recommendation! I’m always on the lookout for heartwarming, fun books, and as soon as it comes in, I’ll read it! And thank you so much for telling me you enjoy this blog – I always love knowing that people appreciate the Book Fae!

~ Mirriam, The Book Fae


One response to “For Whispe!

  1. You are most welcome, Mirriam; thank you for your very gracious receiving of my recommendation! I certainly hope that “Storyteller” proves worthy of your time. :)

    Oh yes, I enjoy your blog (blogs, actually – I haunted Shieldmaiden for some time and now I read HaruHaru). Your posts are all so varied and splendid… it is quite refreshing to hear from a fellow young Christian lady. :) Thank you for providing us with honest, God-honoring book reviews and articles on important and interesting topics. :)

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