Nightmare’s Edge


Author: Bryan Davis 

Series: Echoes From the Edge #3 

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Christian/Adventure 

The host of characters is back in this final episode in the Echoes from the Edge trilogy. Nathan Shepherd, his parents, his friends, and his enemies are all working toward a goal – either to stop Interfinity, the destruction of the three dimensions, or to see it through. 

Nathan is helped by his faith in God, and to a lesser extent, his own musical talent as he learns from those around him and battles the evil Mictar and the other Vision Stalkers.  But can he learn to sacrifice himself in order to save countless others? 

This book was a stunning conclusion to a trilogy that has fast become a new favorite of mine. It is very complex, intriguing, and fantastical, yet at the same time very faith-building. That is my favorite thing about Bryan Davis’s books – after reading them, I always feel closer to God, like He’s more personal than He was before. 

And one again, it was very clean. No swear words, no inappropriate content. However, because of violence and some creepy content (some of the Dreams they walk into are quite nightmarish) it maintains it’s older-reader level. I would recommend this series to anybody looking for a thrilling, faith-building read! (With lots of great movie quotes!!!) 

Ages: 16+ 

5 out of 5 stars


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