Author: Unknown

Genre: Epic/Poetry/Adventure/Classics

Whew, this was one great read! The Seamus Heaney translation is supposed to be the best – I got the bi-lingual version and had fun reading the Danish (though I didn’t understand a single word of it) along with English.

There are no negative elements in here – I was surprised at how Christian this book was! You could hardly go a page without somebody saying how great God is. It was a tad odd – supposedly, Grendel, his mother, the dragon, etc. are all descendants of Cain… yeah-huh. Weird. But it was very, very excellent, fun, and epic! Violent, though, so it’s not for younger readers. It’s quite grisly.

I would highly recommend it. It will amp up your literacy level quite a bit – and will totally inspire you authors out there! Beowulf was truly a prince among men. (^_^)  Now, on to the Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun!! =)

Ages: 14+

5 out of 5 stars

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