Peculiar Treasures

 Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Series: The Katie Weldon series

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Christian/Romance

Katie is now in her senior year of college. Her best friend, Christie, has just married her long-time boyfriend, Todd, leaving Katie feeling lonely and unloved. But Katie has many things to occupy her mind – new jobs, new friends, new relationships, and most importantly, her journey with God.

This book was humorous, touching, and inspiring – I loved the Christy series, and so the Katie series was an exciting discovery. I didn’t like this one quite as much as the Christy books, but mainly because Christy and I are like identical twins, and Katie and I aren’t :) A lot of the book focuses on Katie’s relationship with her ‘almost’ boyfriend, Rick – but that’s what I love about Robin Gunn. Her romance (I use the term lightly, it’s not quite right) is very godly and clean, without anything innapropriate.

I came away refreshed, encouraged, and loving God even more. An excellent book for older teenage girls.

Ages: 16+

4 out of 5 stars

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