The Thief

Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Series: The Attolia series, Book #1

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Fantasy

Gen boasts that he is the best thief in the land – in spite of the fact he’s under arrest. But when a special job is given to him, will he find the courage to complete it? And more importantly – is he good enough?

I got this book under recommendation a while ago, but had forgotten to post the review. Caroline reminded me ;) I really enjoyed what I read of it, but I stopped for the main reason that there is a lot of focus put on gods and goddesses in this book. It isn’t old Greek/Roman/Scandinavian history that one has to know, so I didn’t finish it. Also, Gen liked to swear and curse quite frequently.

I would have liked the series, had it not been so pagan-oriented :)

Ages: 4+

1 out of 5 stars

5 responses to “The Thief

  1. awww—I LOVE the “queen’s thief series”—you didn’t finish it? that is quite unfortunate—the ending is the best part. =D I simply decided that it was set in another world, wasn’t real, and thus got past the fact that the “gods” are so heavily involved…I suppose it would pose a problem to some though… =( yeah Gen and his language problems. ::) ::) I have to agree with you there—but the first book is the one with the most of that by far.

    I loved the book for it’s brilliant writing—which I didn’t see until I had read it a third time—it’s memorable characters and lines,—there is a GOLD-mine of quotes—and it’s downright Hilarity. I Laughed SO hard when I was reading the books…I just love them—and though Gen isn’t the model of virtue he is incredibly loyal, courageous, and self deprecating…though not humble by any means. ;D ;D

    :-* CM

    PS ARGH I hate that cover!!!!!!! here is a much better one. ;D

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