Author: Edward Myers

Genre: Fantasy/Childrens/Adventure

Jack is a storyteller. Stories are in his blood, his heart, his mind – he has to tell them. And so, like any seventeen-year-old boy in an epic tale, he sets off to seek his fortune and tell his stories. He does not expect to meet a talking, smart-mouthing bird, or tell stories to make people sneeze, or to become one of the King’s Artists, or to run into a Robin Hood-like outlaw, and he especially does not expect to fall in love with the oldest Princess of the kingdom.

But as we know, life is often unexpected.

This book was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. It was humorous, told well, and alltogether refreshing. There were no witches, wizards, magic, language, or innapropriate situations in it – a squeaky-clean fantasy tale appropriate for all ages!

Thanks to Whispe for recommending this book!

Ages: Any

3.5 out of 5 stars


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