Darth Bane: Rule of Two

Author: Drew Karpyshyn

Series: Darth Bane, book #2

Genre: Adventure/Fiction/Fantasy/YA

Found by Darth Bane on war-torn planet Ruusan, Rain – now known as Zannah – chose to become the Sith Master’s apprentice. One of her cousins is still alive, but he has forsaken the way of the force. Johun, a Jedi padawan, seeks to become a full-fledged Jdi. But subterfuge, war, and relationships are entangled in each of these people’s goals, making them even harder to reach.

This book was… shall we say, interesting. My brother recommended it to me – and since I like Star Wars, I read it. I read it in one day, I might add. It was well-written – surprising, considering a lot of Star Wars (and Star Trek) spin-offs are just cheap sentences thrown together. (“We are under attack,” shouted Yorl. “Phasers on full!” screamed the Captain. “Sir, we can’t hold them long!” panicked Ensign whatsnisnose. Yeah.)

There were several positive elements – self-sacrifice, honor, and courage being among them. But, seeing as how half of the book deals with the Sith, there was also much anger, hatred, pain, and selfishness (of course, it was not presented in a ‘good’ light. The Sith are, after all, the bad guys). Zannah struggles with the balance between doing what is right, and going the way of the Sith.

Negative elements – lots of violence. Quite a few people are diced up with lightsabers, driven to insanity with invisible nightmares, blown to smithereens with bombs, and shot with guns. Energy-feeding parasites attach themselves to Darth Bane and grow over his body, feeding off his dark forces while providing him with armor, albeit painful. It is implied that Zannah has slept with her Twi’lek lover (who actually has only a very small part in the book) and that he had ‘many female friends.’

I read this book at a perfect time – I am having good-and-evil struggles in my book at the moment that Rule of Two helped me with. But because of some mature and potentially disturbing content, it is definitely not for younger readers.

Ages: 16+

3.5 out of 5 stars

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