House of Dark Shadows

Author: Robert Liparulo

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Thriller

Series: The Dreamhouse Kings Book #1

 15-year-old Xander King is trying keep a good attitude about moving away from his friends. But it’s very hard to do when the house you move into appears to be… well… malevolent, to say the least. Mysterious noises, vanishing visitors, footprints – and as if that wasn’t enough, the Kings are told that the family who lived there before them – several decades ago – were murdered. Xander and his brother, 12-year-old David, realize that the house is more than it seems to be – and that they could be in extreme danger.

This book was, in a word, enjoyable. It was fast-paced and easy to read – I finished it in one day. The characters are realistic, the humor is good, the story is exciting (it kept me up, wanting to know how it ended!) and the cover is cool, which, as you all know, is very important to me ^_^ and very much heightens my enjoyment of the book.

The book is in the ‘creepy’ genre, though not ‘horror.’ It was written by a Christian author and published by Thomas Nelson, but Christianity isn’t a huge theme in the book. God, the creator, and church are mentioned several times. The book is refreshingly free of swearing and sexual situations (unless you count running around in your boxers at night).

There is some violence – people are chopped up with swords, some people supposedly murdered in a ‘messy’ way by an insane man, and in the bonus chapter of book 2 at the end, a character is being shot at and stumbling over dead, mutilated bodies.

A fun read, recommended for ages 14+

4 out of 5 stars


3 responses to “House of Dark Shadows

  1. Hi! I have yet another reveiw request…. or two…. or three. *grin*
    “Beauty”, “Spindle” and “Rose Daughter”, all by Robin Mckinley.
    Thank you :)

  2. I absolutely adore that book! I love your reviews! I visit your blogs but have never gotten around to leaving a comment. Have you read the Prydain Chronicles? It’s by Lloyd Alexander.

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