Little Blog on the Prairie

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Author: Cathleen Bell

Genre: Children/Fiction

 Gen is looking forward to her summer vacation with her friends. It’s going to be a blast. She can’t wait. Until she finds out that instead of going somewhere ‘fun’, they’re spending the entire summer at a place that is supposed to take you back to 1890, into the world of the Ingalls family. Oh, and get this – she can’t take her iPod, her computer, her cell phone… no, wait. Maybe she CAN take her cell phone. After all, she has to keep in touch with the outside world, right?

This book looked very cute. But as it turned out, it really wasn’t so cute. Gen is disobedient, smart-mouthy, and deceptive. There were several instances of taking the Lord’s name in vain. Gen has a huge crush on one of the boys there and they kiss at the end – several times – in a scene that is non-graphic but borders on ridiculous. She’s twelve years old. He’s fifteen. This book had potential, but in the end it’s sort of like the Little Mermaid – MC is snarky and disobedient, MC disobeys and gets tons of people in trouble, MC sorts everything out without really getting punished and everything is all hunky-dory. I wouldn’t recommend the book.

Ages: 14+

 1 out of 5 stars

3 responses to “Little Blog on the Prairie

  1. Pretty much my thoughts exactly :/ I was looking forward to a much more enjoyable read. Listening to a 12yo who doesn’t act like a 12yo complain is not my idea of entertainment.
    *sigh* What a pity.


  2. Ah, thanks for the review! I heard of this book and thought it sounded interesting; I was glad to read your review and be warned away from it, lest I should have wasted my time… >_>

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