Author: Catherine Fisher

Series: Incarceron Sequel

Genre: Steampunk/Adventure/Fantasy/Young Adult

Finn has escaped Incarceron, but thoughts of the Oathbrother he left behind still haunt him. Claudia sees that Finn is moody and listless, and it worries her. But Finn has more problems than worrying about Keir0 – when another boy shows up and claimes he is the rightful prince and heir, Finn begins to wonder – is Claudia the only one who believes in him? While Finn and Claudia struggle in a battle with the queen, Jared tries to figure out a way to open Incarceron and get the inhabitants out. But two of the inhabitants – Keiro and Attia, namely – are trying to escape without Finn’s help. When they find a crazy sorcerer who holds the fabled Glove of Sapphique, they believe that they have found the key to escape. But Incarceron watches everything – and is willing to do anything to get the glove back.

This book was AWESOME! You know how much I liked Incarceron (

 (it’s one of my favorite books) – this sequel was just as gripping and thrilling as its predecessor!  It was free of sexual content, and the swearing was limited to two or three name-calling words. The only magic in the book is a villainous sorcerer whose power is never fully explained – you are given the impression that he is simply an illusionist who believes he  has real powers.

This book was fantastic, fantastic, fanTASTIC, and I wish there were more!!!

5 out of 5 stars

Ages 15+


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