The Eye of the Oracle

Author: Bryan Davis

Series: Prequel to the Dragons in Our Midst series

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Young Adult/Christian

Throughout time, there have been dragons. There have always been dragons. There were dragons with Noah when he built the ark and landed it on Mount Arrarat. There were dragons during the time of King Arthur, when their greatest enemy, Morgan, sprung an evil plan. And there are dragons today. But what we don’t know about them, is that they have a strong belief in God – and their belief makes it easier for us to do believe, as well.

I got this book curtosy of Living Ink Books. I LOVE Bryan Davis. Love. Even though he can be confusing, he makes you think – and throws in adventure, peril, and a dash of humor in with the mix. This book was fantastic – I always find my faith grows stronger after reading Bryan Davis, which, of course, is a very good thing.

There are several fights/skirmishes and disturbing images, but none of which are too graphic, but would make it a bit frightening for younger readers. It is hinted that Morgan’s sister, Naamah, was a harlot, and temple prostitutes are mentioned. Anything sexual is vague and tactful, so as to not be innapropriate.

There were so many positive elements, I don’t know where to begin. You’ll just have to read it and see for yourself!

Ages: 16+

4.5 out of 5 stars

One response to “The Eye of the Oracle

  1. ooh I just read the first of his “edge” trilogy and liked it a ton!!!! =D =D I guess I’ll have to look into more of his work. =) =)

    I recently caught up on this blog and I want to say THANK YOU!!!! I love to read and I know I can trust your reviews so I love getting recommendations from you. =D =D *glomps*

    :-* CM

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