The Sword in the Stars

Author: Wayne Batson

Series: The Dark Sea Annals #1

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Fantasy/Christian

Alastair Coldhollow has a haunted past… one that he would just as soon forget in a bottle of black Witchdrale. But events soon take an unexpected turn – a baby falls into his lap, and the only person he knows who can help him is the young woman who has been infatuated with him for years. He hatches a plan to leave the baby with Abbagael and sneak away – but this may prove impossible as he discovers that he may not be as cold-hearted toward some people as he is toward others. But as if his problems weren’t enough, more are added to the pile – a war, supposedly with the Gorrack nation, is brewing, and Alastair knows he is going to be caught in the middle of it. The only thing is – does he have enough honor left in him to do the right thing?

I LOVED this book. Wayne Batson’s books just keep getting better and better. The Door Within series inspired my own book (which was really a bunch of frightful plagiarism before the rewrite) but had quite a few flaws. The pirate series? Loved ’em, only one or two things I would have changed. But with this book? I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait for the next. The book made me laugh out loud, drove me nearly to tears, and kept me in suspense the entire time. A few people I know had cameos in the book (for those of you who don’t know, look for The Yodeling Dwarf, who happens to be J. R. Parker, the author of Kestrel’s Midnight Song, a book which I hope to own and review here shortly, and Bevin Willowfolk, who you might know as Christian Miles).

I highly recommend it to anyone over, say, fifteen years old for some disturbing images and violent battle scenes. There is, however, no language and no innapropriate sexual content, and there were many, many positive aspects. This is one of my all-time favorite books now, which is a lot, coming from the girl who reads about 100 books a year.

Ages: 15+

5 out of 5 stars


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