Raising Dragons

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction/Christian

Series: Dragons In Our Midst #1

Billy Bannister thinks he’s just an ordinary guy trying to make it through high school. Aside from a little problem, anyways – the other kids at school haven’t nicknamed him “Dragon Breath” for nothing. But then he discovers something more than a little unusual – his dad used to be a dragon, and he is now a half-breed. No wonder his breath is so hot.  But he’s not the only one with a problem – Bonnie Silver’s problem is a little bigger and harder to conceal. After all, leathery wings aren’t the easiest things to keep hidden.

And as if that weren’t enough, the evil dragon slayer Sir Devin is after both of them, and will stop at nothing on his quest to rid the world of all signs of dragon-kind.

I LOVE Bryan Davis. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. His books are FANTASTIC! I liked Oracles of Fire, and the Reflection’s Edge series which I reviewed a while ago – but this is even better. (After all, it has to do with DRAGONS and King Arthur!) The books are exciting, fast-pased, humorous, faith-strengthening, and fascinating.

There really is no ‘negative content’ to speak of, but due to violence and slight suggestive content (such as Bonnie being told the other girls in high school didn’t really believe her ‘Little Miss Purity’ act, etc.) it isn’t suitable for younger children.

I highly recommend this series to anyone probably 16+.

5 out of 5 stars

Book curtosy of Living Ink Books.


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