Daughter of Prophecy

Author: Miles Owens

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Christian

Rhiannon is not your average girl. For one thing, a demonized monk tried to kill her at her birth, resulting in the death of her mother. For another, she has absolutely no interest in anything considered ordinary or proper for a young lady almost sixteen years old. She would rather design swords than learn to walk gracefully; rather train her filly than drink tea or socialize. But she was born for a purpose, and she knows that she cannot continue ignoring who she is forever.

My mom bought me this book as a surprise – I love getting books as surprises – and it was very enjoyable. It wasn’t the most amazing book I’d ever read, but it kept me reading, gave me a few ideas of my own, and definitely gave me an interesting view on what prayer does in the spirit world.

Cautionary Elements: Fighting and bloodshed are quite common in the medieval world created here, but nothing is gratuitioius. Several people are burned or maimed by the Winged Horrors, people are killed with swords, and a woman is fallen on by several other people, crushing her. One woman is haunted by the memories of aborting a child she had out of wedlock. Several men lust after Rhiannon and other young women. At the end, after Rhiannon marries her husband, it is clear that the wedding night went well. The same goes for Harred and his wife.

Ages: 16+

3.5 out of 5 stars

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