The Candlestone

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Young Adult/Christian

Series: Dragons In Our Midst #2

Bonnie and Billy are back, but their problems are far from over. Billy is still confused as to his purpose in the winding prophecies of Merlin, his father is a dragon, and he’s having to learn to hold his own in case the dragon slayer Devin ever comes back. Bonnie is about to be adopted by the Foleys, but still hasn’t told them about the fact that she has, um, wings. And on top of that, the night before the adoption, her father shows up – and tells her her mother is alive, and he’s come to take her back.

These books are AWESOME. I absolutely love them. They’re fascinating, funny, exciting, and gripping all at the same time. I highly recommend them to anybody over fifteen.

Ages: 15+

5 out of 5 stars

Book curtosy of Living Ink Books

One response to “The Candlestone

  1. Mirriam,
    can you give me specifics on why you rate these books for higher ages? I’m okay with violence, is it just a lot of it, or is it other things?
    The series sounds really interesting!!! Do the people who were going to adopt Bonnie ever find out about her winds?


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