My Age-rating System

It’s very simple. I rate books such as the Dragons in Our Midst books older (mid-teens plus) than they are supposed to be (pre-teen and teen) for several reasons. One, is that a lot of the time, I find that the automatic rating system really isn’t suitable. For instance, Inkdeath is supposed to be a children’s book. My mom and I were both shocked. The book is clearly young adult, NOT suitable for children, (heavy cursing and Orpheus is entirely innapropriate with some servant girls).  I rate it as I think it should be rated – the way we would read them here at the house.

Because lots of times, I think publishers were kind of crazy putting their age ratings up ^_^ I hope this clears everything for you. (Even if it was sort of jumbled). :D


One response to “My Age-rating System

  1. Good for you! I do the same, at times. It’s depressing to see 8 and 10 year-olds reading/watching stuff that’s drastically inappropriate.

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