Author: Kathy Reichs

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Adventure

Tory Brennan is just your average teenager – except she LOVES Science. She doesn’t even really mind the fact that she lives on a remote island with her Scientist dad – along with only a handful of other people. In fact, her three best friends are as nutty about science as she is – but that’s all they are. Ordinary, geeky kids. Until Tory discovers a dog tag on a forbidden island, that is. One thing leads to another – and their lives will never be the same again.

OK. Sounded cool, right? I flipped through it at the bookstore. Neat – if somewhat cliched – idea. People get infected with a virus that gives them superhuman abilities. But the book’s language and over-used storyline make it not worth the read. It might be, if you could ClearPlay a book. But you can’t, so I wouldn’t take the time to read the whole thing.

Ages: 16+

0 out of 5 stars

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