The Charlatan’s Boy

Author: Jonathan Rogers

Series: None, but is connected to the WilderKing Trilogy (entirely appropriate AND fun. I haven’t reviewed them, but they were my first ‘fantasy’ books, Narnia aside).

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Fantasy/Christian

Grady has an interesting life. He’s so ugly that the only thing he’s fit for is playing a mythical Feechie in a traveling show – and it’s something he loves doing. But problems have arisen – people no longer believe in Feechies. So why would they pay to see one? Grady and Ffloyd, the Showmaster, hatch a plan to make people believe in Feechies once again and start their show back up.

This book was a blast. The narrator is humorous and honest, and the book kept me up reading and wanting more. There isn’t anything innapropriate in it, either, so it’s appropriate for younger ages. A great, fun book! I can’t wait for the next one!

Ages: 12+

4 out of 5 stars


2 responses to “The Charlatan’s Boy

  1. I read this just a little while back, and I loved it! The ending blew my socks off, and our house smelled for an hour. I mean, the ending was really good. :3

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