Princess Academy

Author: Shannon Hale

Series: None

Genre: Young Audult/Fantasy/Fiction

Miri wants nothing more than to work with the rest of her village, digging up Linder in the quarry. But she’s too small – her father won’t let her. So she tends the goats, dreaming every day… then, her world changes. The King’s priests have divined that the prince’s future wife will come from Mount Eskel. Every eligable girl is sent to a Princess Academy to learn how to become a princess fit for a prince – in a year.

I love Shannon Hale, and this book was no exception.  It wasn’t as good as the Books of Bayern, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It was very imaginative and entertaining, a good fantasy yarn with no negative elements except some mild romance (which seems a little ridiculous coming from 14-and-15 year olds, but hey. A kiss on the cheek is as far as it goes).

The “Creator God” is mentioned twice, and it is mentioned his ‘priests divined’ where the princess would come from once or twice, but that’s it.

Ages: 13+

4 out of 5 stars

5 responses to “Princess Academy

  1. Sounds great! I’ve been reading Shannon Hale’s books and love them.

    Have you ever heard of the DragonKeeper series by Donita Paul? They’re really good and if you haven’t read them then I hightly reccommend them!

      • Well, they’re only drawing their powers from Wulder, and as in most christian allegories, wizard is mainly another term for prophet, so I think it’d be OK. But if you strongly believe that wizards and stuff are wrong, then I guess it’s right that you stay away from them. :)

  2. thank you! I picked this one up at borders but I wasn’t sure if I should get it….now with this review I certainly shall! =)

    wow, I just noticed that you quoted me on the side of your blog. *is amazed and honored* ^-^

    :-* CM

  3. Honestly, I *don’t* recommend “The Book of a Thousand Days” (By Shannon Hale) I decided to check it out from the library, and it is now up in my room to discourage any siblings from reading it…just some inappropriate material that was unneeded. Shannon Hale’s a good author for the most part though, I like Princess Academy the most.


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