The Light Princess


Author: George MacDonald

Series: None

Genre: Children/Fantasy/Fiction/Storybook

There was once a King and Queen to whom a daughter was born. Invitations were sent for the baby’s christening, but the King forgot to invite his sister, Princess Makemnoit. This sister, who is actually an evil witch, attends the christening anyway, angry at being forgotten. During the ceremony she places a spell on the child, releasing her from gravity.

The child grows up never having walked like a normal person – the only thing that keeps her down is water, which she grows to love. People think that if the princess could cry, then her tears would undo the spell – but the princess NEVER cries. When a handsome prince shows up, he quickly falls in love with her – but the princess is self-centered and does not have much interest in him.

When Princess Makemnoit realizes that water gives the princess gravity, she places another curse on it, and the lake begins to drain. The princess is distressed to the point of death, and there is nothing that can be done – until a golden plate is found, inscribed with the way to re-fill the lake and save the princess.

The hole draining the lake must be plugged with the body of a willing, alive victim. The prince volunteers – but how will it end?

I LOVE George MacDonald, and this short storybook is no exception. The beginning is much alike to Sleeping  Beauty, but the story is deeper. This is one of my favorite short stories.

Ages: 8+

5 out of 5 stars

One response to “The Light Princess

  1. I always thought this was a fascinating fairy-tale…I didn’t know there were any re-tellings of it though. =D

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